Only If….

Only If....

only if this was real, only if it was this way, only if they stayed together, only if trouble didn’t stir, only if nothing happened, only if…..

….. if the story changes, if they have another chance…. would that change anything? or this is their fate?…..only be each other’s memory


06.29.2012 ~ 23:21


There’s that feeling again
The feeling of no feeling
It’s more uncomfortable than any other
A mix of heartache, pain, regrets, and despair
Listened to a song
A sad song
Tears roll down my face
Don’t know why.

28.06.2012 ~ 16:25

Feeling sick today but kept telling myself that I’m not. What I found out these past few days is that when you tell yourself that you’re this way or that way, most likely you will feel like that. Psychologically you’re fooling your sense of reality. This can apply with anything, even in working. Don’t tell yourself that you hate it, just do it and a have a positive attitude toward everything. Yang Mi once said, “you can do anything as long as you have a positive attitude facing it“. She is my idol, I keep comparing myself to her; I thought, if Yang Mi has a 40°C fever and still go to work then why am I complaining about the headache? I am willing to live up to her status, she’s my living model.


A pic of Yang Mi at a press conference with a high fever. She has been sick for awhile but refused to rest, until that day when she can’t even stand firmly by herself at Love in the Buff press conference.

not tired, not aching, not sleepy… very energetic, very awake, very well 🙂 🙂

06.26.2012 ~ 23:27

sometimes, too much of something can have the opposite reaction. Have been subbing this TV talk show for a while now, and it seems like it will never end -__- I love Yang Mi, but this is too much, I can’t stand it anymore. Just the thought of it give me the creep. But the fault is mine. I got over myself and promised that I can do it. I was wrong. It’s not as easy as I think…. I can’t back down now because I made a promise. Let see this as a lesson, not to over estimate myself, maybe next time I’ll be more careful when promising something. Gotta get back to it now, probably another sleepless night (-.-)


06.23.2012 ~ 03:07

I truly never believe it when someone said him/her got seduced by another person’s beauty… but I do now. (<3,<3) Yang Mi just updated her weibo blog status with a picture of herself looking beyond beautiful and wishing everyone a happy festival (Dragon Boat Festival).


I might be crazy, but it’s the truth that I have never seen anyone this beautiful and attractive. By the first look, I was sure that she seduced me. It probably is because of her big lively eyes, or her sharp features… it could maybe because of all of the above. Come to think of it, who gave her the nickname of Little Fox? (in Chinese myths, foxes often time are portrait as beautiful women who seduced men… although they are view as evil and home-wreckers) She is the most beautiful fox, but not even one bit evil. One cute and gorgeous “Little Fox“. No wonder I’ve been liking her for about 3 years now. I’m going crazy~ ^^

10 People You Should Remember In Your Life

In life, you will meet a lot of people, each with different personaltiy. There are good people, bad people; people who we will always remember and people who will quickly pass us by. But please appreciate these 10 following people:

1. When you meet someone you truly love: please try your best to become that person’s other half because if s/he is gone, everything will be too late.


2. When you meet someone you trust: keep up a good relationship because in everyone’s life, being able to meet an intimate is not easy.


3. When you meet someone who helped you: remember to show that you’re thankful to that person because they brought a change to your life.


4. When you meet someone who loved you: you should give them a thankful smile for helping you understand deeper about love.


5. When you meet someone who hated you: open a smile and communicate with them because they made you become a stronger person.

6. When you meet someone who betrayed you: then start talking to them because if it wasn’t for them, you won’t have any knowledge about this world.

7. When you meet someone you loved: then wish him/her happiness because when in love, didn’t you wanted him/her to be happy?


8. When you meet someone quickly walked by your life: remember to thank them for passing by, because they are a part of the colors that painted your beautiful and colorful life.

9. When you meet someone misunderstood you: then you should take this opportunity to explain everything because you only have this one chance.

10. Lastly, please feel grateful to your other half because him/her has loved you, and because you both are very happy by each other.


06.21.2012 ~ 12:38

I don’t know why, but every time I started a blog, it always ended up with me abandoning it. Looking back at the posts that I’ve wrote, it feels kind of weird and awkward. But this time, I have to make some commitment and stick with it. I shouldn’t push myself too hard to find something to write; it should be a diary, not an assignment.

Anyway, I forgot what I wanted to write from yesterday…well, last night… before my parents shut down the internet. But I remember having fun with my friend at a nearby park (picture will come later). That was the most active moment of this week~ it’s finally summer, and my lazy season begin by wasting time on my laptop… I’m so boring. NEED SOME EXCITING ADVENTURE!!!

………… don’t know what else to write so off I go to watch Pretty Little Liar 🙂

06.19.2012 ~ 13:32

been wanting to make a personal blog since a long time ago. The last time I tried was Blogger, but I stop using it now. I don’t like it because it linked with my google account, which will give out my identity (I like to stay anonymous); second, it’s too complicated to customize. I don’t know why but I look for blog that can be customize background, features, themes easily. Isn’t blog is all about writing? not appearance. But I guess that it must be some form of art. Anyway, this is the first day, I hope that I didn’t jinx it with last time creating a blog on Blogger. Let’s see how this one goes.


Forgetting Time, But Still Can Go On

Only by tightly closing my eyes I can see, those previously warm and vivid pictures that are slowly forgotten. Unable to catch up with tomorrow, I can only grasp tight my yearning. For tomorrow, I won’t be able to see your smiling face again. All I want is to go back on the memory lane, to the deepest part, even if it’s only for a moment.

The flourishing time of our relationship, let’s leave it at our beautiful memory. The ceaselessly thought of wanting to return needs more strength than leaving. If he knows about it, would he says sorry or look down upon? I finally understand everything, as long as I say I’m fine, everything will be okay; unless who I love isn’t him, but it’s tears.

Not willing to forget memory, but still can’t holding on
Not able to feel angry, but still can’t stop feeling disappointed.