Beverly Hills – Hollywood

This is going to be all about Yang Mi!
She landed from a long flight to Los Angeles around noon on the 27th of October. The first thing – as always – was shopping and interview. For the next 7 days or so, she will be meeting new people, learning American culture and touring Hollywood at the same time. Although this is not her main reason to be at Los Angeles. But the secret is still a secret (I really want to know!!)


For the past 4 year of shipping her – she is my idol – I have never thought that one day I can be so close to her, yet not close enough. We are living under the same sky, the same time zone now in comparison to China. But I feel like she is still so far away. LA… LA…!!! That’s 2 states down south!!
I have had wishes of going to LA at this moment, but a dream is a dream… And it’s not going to happen.

Just let me make a last wish before going off to bed. I wish that one day, I can meet my idol, Yang Mi.


Could it be?

For the past few days…weeks, I’ve been interested in reading short love stories. Could it be because there’s a guy in my class confessed with me that he likes me? I know I told him that I only like him as a friend; just because I don’t want to think that I might be falling for him. My first love is very important to me and I want to make it right.
So. Because of this, I’ve been quite cold to him, not to hurt his feelings, but to keep my circumstances so I don’t give him the wrong signals.
The truth is I’m desperate for some color of love in my life. But my parents would be a problem. Worse, somehow, at some point in my life, I have totally believe that men are not as emotional or don’t understand love like women. I don’t believe that men care too much about feeling as oppose to other things in their lives.
… All of this… Part of me is dying to love and to be loved, part of me is afraid of love… Could it be… That I might have actually fell for him?

Please God, don’t let it be that way…