Guo Jingming: I’m the Chinese dream of these Times

Guo Jingming: I’m the Chinese dream of these Times.

wow, I know Guo is a quite popular author in writing fictional novels but I’ve never known that he can be so influential… Either that or the translator person is doing an extremely well of a job.

After reading it kind of making me feel like I should get up and do something for myself, for the community, for the society. Haha. I really should be doing something useful and stop being such a scaredy-cat. I need to be more self-confident and optimistic.


[Translation] Wei Chen for Tiny Times 1.0 – Warm Snow


Even the worst eeMedia production has an awesome OST, and Tiny Times, one of the best eeMedia film & TV investments, definitely has a beautiful one. eeMedia artist Wei Chen sings the ending theme, penned by author-director Guo Jingming, of the first film.

The lyrics play on various homophones, including “夜/页”, one which means night and the other page.   The title itself is a play on the word “热血,” hot blooded, since the words for “blood” and “snow” are homophones.

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Tiny Times making big waves


Was it the best of times or the worst of times? Despite sharply divided opinions on its quality, movie Tiny Times 1.0,  with its controversial author/writer/director Guo Jingming and leads Yang Mi, Kai Ko, Amber Kuo, etc., was a commercial success.  Most recently, Part 2 was moved up to air on the Qixi holiday on August 7th, while plans to adapt Tiny Times 2.0 has been approved by SARFT’s reviewing comittee.

As the film that broke the single day screening share rate (almost 50%)  and opening day record for a 2D film, breaking 300 million RMB in four days, Tiny Times was viewed as an opening commercial success.   Yet its viewers ratings varied from 8.6 on Gewara  to  4.9 on Mtime  on opening day.   People Daily wrote three articles on Tiny Times.  Meanwhile China Daily film critic Raymond Zhao  smashed it and its readers, comparing it…

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Tiny Times releases MV by Yu Kewei


The wind blows the rain into blossoms,
time can no longer catch the fairytales of youth
Those dreams in the palms of your youth,
are you still holding them tight?

Guo Jingming-directed film Tiny Times, based on the novel of the same name by Guo Jingming, released its theme song and MV today. The song is sung by singer Yu Kewei and penned by Guo Jingming and Luoluo, another writer under Guo Jingming’s publication company. The movie stars Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Kai Ko, Li Xuedong, Guo Biting, Jiang Chao, etc. Translations of the lyrics below the cut.

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SFO 777 plane crash

I heard about the San Francisco plane crash today on the new, suddenly feels like life is just too short. You don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring. The two chinese girls who died on the plane, god bless them <3. They are excellent students in their school and have bright future awaits them. But just in one day, everything is gone.

So… live your life to the fullest today
because you don't know what tomorrow going to bring

Crap load family

Eh…. I guess there’s one quote that fits my damn life. It actually was said by Yang Mi: “Those who hates you will always hate you whether you do right or wrong.” Haha. The person that probably hate me the most is my mom. To do or not to do, do right or do wrong, her only feedback for me is shit and craps. Lately, I’ve been through a lot. And also slowly getting numb and loses my feeling to this load of shit family… Suddenly feels like I wish I was adopted. I might be; taking in consideration how much they all hate me. Haha. 过了去了 (the past is past). “The day will continue to go on, you’ll still have to face tomorrow.” Just realized how much I understand Yang Mi now.

The Cold Days

Well. School ended, summer started. But it is no where near fun and warm in my family. Even if it’s 80 degrees outside right now, this house will still be dead cold as the morgue. Even the air is cold. It is not quiet, as the matter of fact, it’s very noisy. Noisy not in term of laughter, chatter, holiday-listic fun noise. But the noise as in the yelling and screaming of words of hatred on top of ours lungs until everyone is too tired to say anything anymore. And then the silence takes over. Apparently we have figured out why waste our energy on each other if we really hate that person so much. For me, I have less and less words to say to them, everything now I will just keep it to myself. I’ve thought and thought a lot last night. The happy memory this family has given me is being replaced by the bitter memory they are creating. Honestly, I have tried and can’t remember anything when I was 5. It’s probably was the happiest time of my life, but sadly I’ve forgot it. I wouldn’t be surprise if one day they turn into my enemy.


But guess what, I think they have made peace with each other. They all hated me. That’s fine. This family is cold from the start anyway, I’ve used to living in the cold days.

New Faces

Alright. Haven’t been on here for a while… that means life is going smooth for me :)) less time complaning on blogs (although I should post more fun stuff on here). Haha. Anyway. I’ve been more outgoing lately. And something just hit me a few hours ago… I actually like to talk to new people and get to know them xD this is a HUGE step in breaking my own wall that I have been trying to take down for years now.

…… hope I didn’t just jinx-ed it >.<



Suddenly a rush of a feeling brushes pass me. The feeling of no feelings. The emptiness is uncomfortable, yet why does it lingers for so long. Tried to look at old photos to find some feeling… nothing. I feel so empty as if never existed.


Tiny Times book vs. movie

Even though Guo JingMing himself hand-picked out these actors and actresses base on his (no doubt the best visual) of the characters in the book.


1. Lin Xiao
Honestly, I started to read this book only because Yang Mi herself admitted that this helped take her through college and she was very excited to take part in the movie. So in consequence, Yang Mi is how I would imagine Lin Xiao when I read the book, so I have no argument here. I think that she has that cute, innocent, childish look which are terms I would use to describe Lin Xiao.


2. Gu Li
The Gu Li I see in my head base on what I read is a little bit more cold and fierce than Amber Kuo portraited. Except for her short height (honest opinion, no hatred intended), everything else on her outer look is a match to the book’s description. Skinny, short hair, like to wear. But I think Amber Kuo’s face is a little baby-ish that jeopardize the mature feel that Gu Li should have.


3. Nan Xiang

There’s no doubt that the director would take out Nan Xiang’s best and most beautiful feature; her hair. I’m amaze that Guo JingMing could find someone like Guo Bi Ting with such long, silky, smooth, shiny hair in the sea of people. Although I wouldn’t say that her face is like a beauty goddess, but then again Nan Xiang has a dark and evil side to her so it kind of have to take away the ideal angelic face.


4. Tang Wan Ru

I admit that this the character I care least about. Since I saw the four main leads’ costume photo before reading the book, Xie Yi Lin’s portrait of Tang Wan Ru is the picture in my mind. A goofy looking with a bigger body image girl. But she could use a little more muscle other than just flabby meat.