06.23.2012 ~ 03:07

I truly never believe it when someone said him/her got seduced by another person’s beauty… but I do now. (<3,<3) Yang Mi just updated her weibo blog status with a picture of herself looking beyond beautiful and wishing everyone a happy festival (Dragon Boat Festival).


I might be crazy, but it’s the truth that I have never seen anyone this beautiful and attractive. By the first look, I was sure that she seduced me. It probably is because of her big lively eyes, or her sharp features… it could maybe because of all of the above. Come to think of it, who gave her the nickname of Little Fox? (in Chinese myths, foxes often time areĀ portrait as beautiful women who seduced men… although they are view as evil and home-wreckers) She is the most beautiful fox, but not even one bit evil. One cute and gorgeous “Little Fox“. No wonder I’ve been liking her for about 3 years now. I’m going crazy~ ^^


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