06.21.2012 ~ 12:38

I don’t know why, but every time I started a blog, it always ended up with me abandoning it. Looking back at the posts that I’ve wrote, it feels kind of weird and awkward. But this time, I have to make some commitment and stick with it. I shouldn’t push myself too hard to find something to write; it should be a diary, not an assignment.

Anyway, I forgot what I wanted to write from yesterday…well, last night… before my parents shut down the internet. But I remember having fun with my friend at a nearby park (picture will come later). That was the most active moment of this week~ it’s finally summer, and my lazy season begin by wasting time on my laptop… I’m so boring. NEED SOME EXCITING ADVENTURE!!!

………… don’t know what else to write so off I go to watch Pretty Little Liar 🙂


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