Forgetting Time, But Still Can Go On

Only by tightly closing my eyes I can see, those previously warm and vivid pictures that are slowly forgotten. Unable to catch up with tomorrow, I can only grasp tight my yearning. For tomorrow, I won’t be able to see your smiling face again. All I want is to go back on the memory lane, to the deepest part, even if it’s only for a moment.

The flourishing time of our relationship, let’s leave it at our beautiful memory. The ceaselessly thought of wanting to return needs more strength than leaving. If he knows about it, would he says sorry or look down upon? I finally understand everything, as long as I say I’m fine, everything will be okay; unless who I love isn’t him, but it’s tears.

Not willing to forget memory, but still can’t holding on
Not able to feel angry, but still can’t stop feeling disappointed.


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