as a child we learn to love our parents; but as we grow up, we start questioning them



Painted Skin 2

The feeling of love is pain…

Not really my preferred genre for movie, but I did watched it only beacuse of Yang Mi. The plot is not new or fascinating, but the acting (from Yang Mi at least) is wonderful. But pity that she’s only a supporting actress, not much screen time.



This picture of them always gives me an unexplainable feeling whenever I look at it. The two are like mirror images. Can’t help but being like the other person. Their expression is also something that you can’t find on anyone else. A little bit of cuteness trying to be angry with a bit of funny so that you can’t take their anger seriously. This is just like the old times during their filming of Chinese Paladin 3. A piece of memory that’ll never fade

Yang Mi Covers “Famous”

She’s always ahead of everything 🙂 Moving ahead is thousands times better than staying behind. Only if I can stay ahead of my game like her


I’ve been around for so long, only to look at everyone in admiration. A super star, a writer, a fighter; they all seem to have colors in their lives. Admiration, not because their fame or money; an admiration for their doings and determinations. I wanted to be like them too. To know where you belong, to know how you want to live your life. I know nothing is perfect, they have their own regrets and sadness. But at least they willing to fight for their passion. As of me? Who am I? Where I’m going? What Am I going to do with my life? Where’s my passion?

I read a quote a while back: “the glorious time of your life is when you know what you’re doing“. True; but what if you don’t? Then that would be the darkest time of your life. Blinded, alone, scared. We don’t have any choice but to fight our way out, but some of us might become defeated under their pressure. I might be one of them. I fought and fought, but there’s no way out. How long will I have to continue before seeing the light? I’m tired… No more strength, but can’t let go and sink into the darkness abyss. One more push….hope to get out.

One = Two

Don’t know why; but when I see him I would think of her, when I see her I would think of him. They are truly two = one and one = two.

Why is it so that they must have so much “coincidence” that it starting to become unbelievable? Their similarity is the living love between the two because that’s how they keep each other in MEMORIES of the happy times.

Each move, each action of either one of them would get you to remember of the other. Even though they have been kept away from each other by their management companies, but it still can never separate them. For all that happened, they still continue to reflect one another. Making everyone cannot can’t believe that it’s fate, or destiny. There’s a possibility that their love is written.

Inseparable. One is Two and Two is One. Only they can make this sound logical.

P.S// these photos are photoshop. It’s almost impossible to see them together. But that does not mean miracle can’t happen.


I’ve never been so scare of SPEED. But for the laziest person like me, SPEED can be overwhelming at times. Lately, I’ve been practicing driving and it scared the heck out of me. I thought that once I’ll be able to drive it would be fun and all, but I was wrong. Things are not what they seem to be. Almost crashed multiple times. Every times I failed to make a perfect turn, my mom would get disappointed, and I will feel bad. I’ve never thought driving can be this difficult; but how do other people do it like it’s the easiest thing in the world?? Tomorrow probably will be another day of SPEED and I’m not ready for it. There is no choice but to toughen up because I made a promise to someone and I don’t want to disappoint her…. Even though she doesn’t even know my existence and my admiration of her. I must win this battle against nothing but SPEED. Maybe then I’ll can stop wasting my times and get things done.



I’ve long forgot the feeling of someone picking me up, holding me. I couldn’t even remember when my parents stopped doing so. There are certain feelings that will come and go, there is no way to get it back. Now, there is nothing but a feeling of regret and longing when I see a toddler being pick up.


I’ve never realize how much time has fly by until now; where has my childhood gone? Memories sometimes are not enough because for some it can be lost. If only there’s a way to go in time; the happier and simpler days of my life. But in the end, things still change with time…… 

07.01.2012 ~ 21:39

haha~ haven’t had a happy day like today in a long time 🙂


Why can’t people understand to leave me alone? That’s my happy place. An Aquarius like me love to be quiet alone with ourselves. Finally get to be ignore, get to escape from everything, get to be away from people’s demand. I like to be alone