10 People You Should Remember In Your Life

In life, you will meet a lot of people, each with different personaltiy. There are good people, bad people; people who we will always remember and people who will quickly pass us by. But please appreciate these 10 following people:

1. When you meet someone you truly love: please try your best to become that person’s other half because if s/he is gone, everything will be too late.


2. When you meet someone you trust: keep up a good relationship because in everyone’s life, being able to meet an intimate is not easy.


3. When you meet someone who helped you: remember to show that you’re thankful to that person because they brought a change to your life.


4. When you meet someone who loved you: you should give them a thankful smile for helping you understand deeper about love.


5. When you meet someone who hated you: open a smile and communicate with them because they made you become a stronger person.

6. When you meet someone who betrayed you: then start talking to them because if it wasn’t for them, you won’t have any knowledge about this world.

7. When you meet someone you loved: then wish him/her happiness because when in love, didn’t you wanted him/her to be happy?


8. When you meet someone quickly walked by your life: remember to thank them for passing by, because they are a part of the colors that painted your beautiful and colorful life.

9. When you meet someone misunderstood you: then you should take this opportunity to explain everything because you only have this one chance.

10. Lastly, please feel grateful to your other half because him/her has loved you, and because you both are very happy by each other.

Source: http://vntim.blogspot.com/2012/04/nguoi-ban-can-nho-trong-cuoc-doi.html


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