GeMi is the couple name for Mainland Chinese actor Hu Ge and Mainland Chinese actress Yang Mi. It all started with their first encounter in Liao Zhai (Chinese Ghost Story) 7 years ago with a heartbreaking love story between Xiao Qian and Cai Chen. Their chemistry sparks the establishment of a fanbase goes by the nickname of Li Mao. But that wasn’t it. 4 years later, they met again in Xian Jian Qi Xia 3 (Chinese Paladin 3). This time, with their new identities as Xue Jian and Jing Tian, they once again wowed the audience. By this time, GeMi has become the hot topic in the entertainment. But that’s when calamity struck. Because of a small dispute between their management companies, the two were banned from seeing each other. It was none of their fault and they are the one who has to make up to it. Although they can’t see each other, let alone collaborate again, but Li Mao has never give up their hope. They keep on waiting and waiting because they know that one day, justice will shine. GeMi once again will rise above the darkness of the entertainment circle.


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