The Cold Days

Well. School ended, summer started. But it is no where near fun and warm in my family. Even if it’s 80 degrees outside right now, this house will still be dead cold as the morgue. Even the air is cold. It is not quiet, as the matter of fact, it’s very noisy. Noisy not in term of laughter, chatter, holiday-listic fun noise. But the noise as in the yelling and screaming of words of hatred on top of ours lungs until everyone is too tired to say anything anymore. And then the silence takes over. Apparently we have figured out why waste our energy on each other if we really hate that person so much. For me, I have less and less words to say to them, everything now I will just keep it to myself. I’ve thought and thought a lot last night. The happy memory this family has given me is being replaced by the bitter memory they are creating. Honestly, I have tried and can’t remember anything when I was 5. It’s probably was the happiest time of my life, but sadly I’ve forgot it. I wouldn’t be surprise if one day they turn into my enemy.


But guess what, I think they have made peace with each other. They all hated me. That’s fine. This family is cold from the start anyway, I’ve used to living in the cold days.


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