Tiny Times book vs. movie

Even though Guo JingMing himself hand-picked out these actors and actresses base on his (no doubt the best visual) of the characters in the book.


1. Lin Xiao
Honestly, I started to read this book only because Yang Mi herself admitted that this helped take her through college and she was very excited to take part in the movie. So in consequence, Yang Mi is how I would imagine Lin Xiao when I read the book, so I have no argument here. I think that she has that cute, innocent, childish look which are terms I would use to describe Lin Xiao.


2. Gu Li
The Gu Li I see in my head base on what I read is a little bit more cold and fierce than Amber Kuo portraited. Except for her short height (honest opinion, no hatred intended), everything else on her outer look is a match to the book’s description. Skinny, short hair, like to wear. But I think Amber Kuo’s face is a little baby-ish that jeopardize the mature feel that Gu Li should have.


3. Nan Xiang

There’s no doubt that the director would take out Nan Xiang’s best and most beautiful feature; her hair. I’m amaze that Guo JingMing could find someone like Guo Bi Ting with such long, silky, smooth, shiny hair in the sea of people. Although I wouldn’t say that her face is like a beauty goddess, but then again Nan Xiang has a dark and evil side to her so it kind of have to take away the ideal angelic face.


4. Tang Wan Ru

I admit that this the character I care least about. Since I saw the four main leads’ costume photo before reading the book, Xie Yi Lin’s portrait of Tang Wan Ru is the picture in my mind. A goofy looking with a bigger body image girl. But she could use a little more muscle other than just flabby meat.


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