My strength?

I can tell you a million flaws of mine, but I can’t tell you even one strength I have. The problem isn’t you, it’s me. I can’t find any strength that I have. My mom is right, I’m the bottom chain of the food chain. So easy to manipulate and nothing good ever come out of me.
Suddenly feel so depressed and useless =((


3 responses to “My strength?

  1. Even if I don’t know you. One thing I know: you have strenths – and not only one. God designed you with strenths and weaknesses. Yes, often we see only our weaknesses and people try to discourage us, but it is not the truth. Everybody has a lot of STRENGTHS!
    Maybe you want to read my blog to discover something =)

  2. Your strength is that you’re alive and you’re worth something. It’s up to you to believe it. 🙂

  3. thanks guys for your advice and encouragement 🙂 Just one of those moment when I’m feeling down

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