Life lessons

It feels like I’ve learned a lot of life lessons lately…especially when I’m not in school. These came at random time, random people and had been going through my mind constantly. They are all sort of lessons such as:

– We can’t stop the fact that we’ll grow up someday and things will change no matter how hard we try to keep it the same
– We’ll forever become beware of the situation no matter how much we tell ourselves and others that we don’t believe in it… like the rumor of 2012
– Life is not just black and white, it’s a shade of grey so that sometime we have to lie to move forward. Don’t get too honest because people will look down on us. Tell them what they want to hear.
– You’ll always be able to think of million reasons to not do something, but it’s the one reason to do it overthrows them all. Instead of giving up when you hit a dead end, try to work around it.
– Don’t underestimate small things because you’ll never know how those small things can contribute to big things.
– Even though we are so serious and determine about something in our minds, we still find a hard time saying it out loud.
– Life is a script. We just follow it and can’t do anything to change it. This is called nature and culture.
– Everthing has its price. You must pay out certain things to exchange for certain things.


The most important one of them all: no matter how much of these quotes, sayings, and life lessons I realized, none of them take any effect on me (_ _!)…. I thibk the only way I’ll learn is the hard way: learn by doing 😐


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