Could it be?

For the past few days…weeks, I’ve been interested in reading short love stories. Could it be because there’s a guy in my class confessed with me that he likes me? I know I told him that I only like him as a friend; just because I don’t want to think that I might be falling for him. My first love is very important to me and I want to make it right.
So. Because of this, I’ve been quite cold to him, not to hurt his feelings, but to keep my circumstances so I don’t give him the wrong signals.
The truth is I’m desperate for some color of love in my life. But my parents would be a problem. Worse, somehow, at some point in my life, I have totally believe that men are not as emotional or don’t understand love like women. I don’t believe that men care too much about feeling as oppose to other things in their lives.
… All of this… Part of me is dying to love and to be loved, part of me is afraid of love… Could it be… That I might have actually fell for him?

Please God, don’t let it be that way…



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