Time has been a bit confusing lately due to the fact of time zone. Other than that I “think” I enjoy being here. The city is more lively than what I use to but that’s what make it unique and fun =D Haven’t been to places much since I can’t and won’t have to gut to drive and other relatives are all busy with their own working schedules. Speaking of relatives there are so many that I don’t know and yet to meet causing my head to spin right round, I don’t even know how to address them anymore @@~ Although to be honest I do miss home and how I get to go online all day, doing what I used to do… not a big fan of changes I guess. Vietnam, after more than 7 years, has changed a lot. The place still recognizable as a whole but not the individual street. I almost couldn’t recognize the road that I grew up in, the road that I have been looking at for 11 years of my life. And for those who said that Vietnam is super hot, burning hot I can prove them wrong. The heat here is no where comparable to the summer heat back in Washington. I’m not dripping, soaking in sweat. The days has been going by quickly yet slowly. The only negative thing about the trip is that I feel a uncomfortable staying with aunt and uncle and sort of feel distance from them. I guess maybe I’m just the kind of person who is hard to conversate with and doesn’t open myself up… haiz, living here is too formal and too polite to the point where I don’t feel like I’m part of the family. Only if I was to stay in a hotel, that would make everything a lot more comfortable because I rather owe money than owe grattitude despiting the fact that I hate money. But apparently money is the center of everything now.

Saigon at night.
Down right party central with lights, cars, and mostly young hipsters pouring out into the street looking for some fun.

Great…another post not ending on a happy note……… pictures come later


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