Where Am I?

*Sigh* what’s wrong with me lately? Feeling lost, confuse, tired….everything just spun right out of my control. I just wanted to live a simple happy careless life. But how come life has never been easy? *sigh* all I want to do now is give up everything and escape away from this world. I know it’s no use, there’s no way….I just wish. My head is literally on the verge of explosion at this moment. And to top off the moment I have to deal with college craps!! *sigh* there’s no use ranting it out here.


I made a promise to someone and just realized now that I haven’t been able to do as I said. Where did I go wrong? Where did all of this start going downhill? Where am I now? Where’s the me that I once knew? Where did all of this went?……. Where is the answer?


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