I’ve been around for so long, only to look at everyone in admiration. A super star, a writer, a fighter; they all seem to have colors in their lives. Admiration, not because their fame or money; an admiration for their doings and determinations. I wanted to be like them too. To know where you belong, to know how you want to live your life. I know nothing is perfect, they have their own regrets and sadness. But at least they willing to fight for their passion. As of me? Who am I? Where I’m going? What Am I going to do with my life? Where’s my passion?

I read a quote a while back: “the glorious time of your life is when you know what you’re doing“. True; but what if you don’t? Then that would be the darkest time of your life. Blinded, alone, scared. We don’t have any choice but to fight our way out, but some of us might become defeated under their pressure. I might be one of them. I fought and fought, but there’s no way out. How long will I have to continue before seeing the light? I’m tired… No more strength, but can’t let go and sink into the darkness abyss. One more push….hope to get out.


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