One = Two

Don’t know why; but when I see him I would think of her, when I see her I would think of him. They are truly two = one and one = two.

Why is it so that they must have so much “coincidence” that it starting to become unbelievable? Their similarity is the living love between the two because that’s how they keep each other in MEMORIES of the happy times.

Each move, each action of either one of them would get you to remember of the other. Even though they have been kept away from each other by their management companies, but it still can never separate them. For all that happened, they still continue to reflect one another. Making everyone cannot can’t believe that it’s fate, or destiny. There’s a possibility that their love is written.

Inseparable. One is Two and Two is One. Only they can make this sound logical.

P.S// these photos are photoshop. It’s almost impossible to see them together. But that does not mean miracle can’t happen.


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